Saudi Telecom Company was incorporated in 1998, following the Council of Ministers’ 
Decree No. 213 dated 23/12/1418 H, approving of the establishment of a Saudi Stock 
Company under the name of “Saudi Telecom Company”

Accordingly, STC adopted a challenging program aiming to transform its business from 
government system to the recognized commercial business standards. The company 
has developed clear strategies focusing on internal re-organization, re-skilling and
development of its staff, enhancement of its internal processes and studying 
its customers’ needs and requirements while continuing carrying out its national 
and social duties and responsibilities

STC is the leading national provider of telecommunication services in the 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is working continuously to fulfill and 
satisfy the market requirements, keeping pace with the emerging technologies 
in the telecommunications sector and satisfying its customer's needs. STC 
has put in its consideration that, this is the way to reinforce its position and 
identity in view of a changing world where the role and usage of 
telecommunications became more significant

Believing in the importance of its customers and fulfillment of their 
needs, STC has recently adopted its FORWARD Strategy that aims to 
support and re-enforce its competitive position. Based on this strategy, 
STC strives to enhance customer- centric culture in all its business 
aspects. This culture has been reflected in the organizational design of 
the company that comprises Corporate Center, a number of Functional 
Units and Four Key Business Units focused on the Key STC Customer Categories which are:

1. Personal BU
2. Home BU
3. Enterprise BU
4. Wholesale BU

In the last few years, STC has gone beyond its local borders to the international 
markets, forming a network of businesses and investments in a number of 
GCC countries, Asia & Africa. The company has now foot print in Kuwait, 
India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turky and South Africa which has enabled STC 
to serve a greater number of its customers which the company seeks 
to increase internationally through studying and evaluation of potential investment 
opportunities in the future in line with FORWARD Strategy.

The Company has recently achieved several successes and accomplishments, 
of which the most significant are:

1. Won King Abdul Aziz Quality Award  for the year 2008,  granted by Saudi 
Arabian Standards & Specifications Organization (SASO)

2. Won “Transparency Award for Saudi Stock Companies” for the year 
2008- granted by BMG Financial Consultations Firm

3. Won “The Best Telecommunications Company Award “ for year  the year 
2008”,  granted by Arabian Business Magazine

4. Acquired  class (A+) classification from Standard and Poor’s Agency for Credit 

5. Acquired  class (A 1) Credit rating from Moody’s Investor Service Agency 
for Credit Services

6. Rated No. 8 among the Top International Fixed Telephone Services Providers 

7. Rated No.2 among Asian Companies  in terms of Market Value

No doubt this success and accomplishments, supported by the significant 
financial results achieved, have qualified STC for taking a leading and 
advanced position among telecom operators in the GCC and MENA region.